Cady Memorial School



Sonia Edwards
Dedicated, mature educator with a passion for helping students to reach their fullest potential. Over twenty years experience working with children of all ages as a volunteer and 12 years working in a classroom environment. Specializes in working with students in multi-grade classrooms.
Professional Experience:
Florence Lombard Christian School                                                                          Saco, ME       
Multi-grade Teacher/Principal                                                                                      2010-present
  • Called to reopen Florence Lombard Christian School after being closed for several years.
  • Collaboratively planned design of classroom in new addition of the church.
  • Updated curriculum in order to meet current standards.
  • Updated equipment and installed a computer lab in classroom.
  • Actively involved in planning for recruitment and marketing of the school.
  • Effectively managed and taught grades K, 1, 3, 4, and 7.
  • Collaboratively worked with school board in order to plan, control, and direct overall activities for students; including outreach in the community and student discipline.
  • Successfully implemented new Pathways language arts program and new Hunter grading system.
  • Coordinated and directed successful International Festival, science fair, youth church services and Christmas programs.
  • Assessed students through the use of anecdotal records; rubrics; portfolios; and achievement, written, and oral tests.
  • Increased student achievement test scores by 20 percent.
Pine Tree Academy                                                                                                    Freeport, ME
First and Second Grade Teacher                                                                                 2008-2010
  • Taught first and second grade in a classroom consisting of 14 multicultural students using a variety of teaching methods in order to meet individual needs.
  • Updated curriculum in order to fully implement Pathways language arts program.
  • Created a yearly thematic lesson plan integrating Bible, social studies and science with Pathways language arts.
  • Implemented the use of learning centers in order to accommodate the instruction of small guided reading groups.
  • Conducted and assessed reading/writing workshops.
  • Implemented the use of manipulatives in order to assist in the mastery of math concepts.
  • Effective communication to parents through weekly newsletters, email, and personal contact.
  • Collaboratively working with elementary teachers in order to plan outreach, fieldtrips, and academic activities.
Cady Memorial School                                                                                               Conway, NH
Multi-grade Teacher/Principal                                                                                      2004-2008
  • Effectively managed and taught grades K-8 in a multi-grade classroom over a period of four years.
  • Updated curriculum to meet current standards and redesigned classroom to accommodate and meet the needs of students in grades 1-2.
  • Designed and implemented lesson plans according to state and district standards.
  • Integrated technology across curriculum providing additional classroom resources and enabling hands-on use of computer equipment.
  • Planned, conducted, and assessed reading/writing workshop for grades K-8.
  • Designed and implemented thematic units of study-integrating social studies, science, math, art, and language arts.
  • Prepared and presented principal’s reports to school board.
  • Planned and administered disciplinary procedures in collaboration with the school board.
  • Coordinated and implemented extra activities such as a science fair, an International Festival, Christmas plays/programs, Valentine's dinner for the elderly, youth church services, and community outreach programs.
Moultonborough Central School                                                                       Moultonborough, NH
1:1 SPED Aide for Student with Disability of Mental Retardation                       1999-2001
  • Provided instructional support to the student.
  • Obtained thorough knowledge of content and intent of student’s IEP.
  • Participated in planning sessions with SPED Teacher and implemented instructional modifications as necessary.
  • Prepared instructional materials.
  • Maintained anecdotal records and collaborated with SPED Teacher in preparing progress reports.
Cady Memorial School                                                                                               Conway, NH
Instructional Aide/Substitute Teacher                                                                          1989-1990
  • Participated in planning sessions with classroom teacher and assisted in classroom instruction.
  • Supervised students during recess and field trips.
  • Designed classroom bulletin boards.
  • Substituted during teacher’s absences; implementing lesson plans.
  • Assisted teacher in maintaining grade book.
Atlantic Union College                                                                                                           So. Lancaster, MA
Master of Education: Focus on Curriculum and Instruction                                                   July 2010
Graduated with a GPA of 4.00
Bachelor of Liberal Arts: Focus on Elementary Education                                                     July 2007
Graduated summa cum laude with GPA of 3.975
Professional Training and Workshops:
  • The Writing Workshop Kit: What it’s all About (Webinar)                                            Feb.7, 2012
  • Visual Thesaurus: More than an Interactive Dictionary and Thesaurus(Webinar)      Feb. 1, 2011
  • Pathways: Principles of Assessment (Webinar)                                                            March 1, 2011
  • Resources for Organizing Pathways in the Multi-Grade Classroom (Webinar)           Feb. 1, 2011
  • Corel: Software Suite (Webinar)                                                                                   Jan. 20, 2011
  • Atlantic Union Pastor/Teacher Convention                                                                  Aug 2009
  • Choice Theory Workshop                                                                                             Aug. 15-17, 2007
  • NAD Teacher’s Convention/Nashville, Tennessee                                                       Aug. 6-9, 2006
  • Pathways Language Arts Workshop                                                                            April 3-5, 2006
  • Reading/Writing Workshop                                                                                         April 2, 2006
  • Social Studies Workshop (Prentice Hall)                                                                    Dec. 3-4, 2005
  • New Teacher’s In-service                                                                                            Aug. 2-5, 2004
Elementary Education            Professional Certification
Jr. Academy Certification for Bible, Language Arts, Science, and History                       
North American Division Office of Education
of Seventh-day Adventists                                                                                            Expires Aug. 2015
First Aid/CPR                                                                                                
American Red Cross                                                                                                     Aug. 2011-2013
NH/ME Certifiable                                                                                                     Current
Previous and Current Leadership Roles:
VBS Director                                                                                                                1987-1995
Pathfinder Director                                                                                                   
Children’s Division Teacher in Local Church                                                             1979-1995
Breathe Free Seminars and Vegetarian Cooking Schools                                           1980-2002
Adult Sabbath School Teacher                                                                                    1995-present
Local Church Elder                                                                                                    1995-present
Furnished upon request